Professor Janet Read and Dr Clare Blackburn

Janet%20read%20photoSocio-economic influences on outcomes for disabled children

Professor Janet Read

Affiliation: Warwick Medical School

Biography: Janet Read is an Associate Professor (Reader) Emeritus at the University of Warwick Medical School and an Honorary Professor at Cardiff Law School. Her research and teaching focus on the human rights of disabled children and adults and their families, together with the development of provision to enable them to exercise those rights. Her recent work is concerned with the characteristics and circumstances of disabled children and their households in the UK and elsewhere with particular reference to the impact of socio-economic factors. Her publications include Disabled People and European Human Rights (2003), Disabled People and the Right to Life (2008) both with Luke Clements; Disabled Children. A Legal Handbook (2011) with Steve Broach and Luke Clements.

Dr Clare Blackburn
Affiliation: Warwick Medical School

Biography: Dr Clare Blackburn is a Principal Teaching Fellow in Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick. Her research and teaching interests are in the field of health inequalities and tackling health inequalities. She is primarily interested in the way social and material circumstances shape health and experiences of caring and being cared for, particularly for disabled children and their families. Recent research has examined the social and material circumstances of disabled children and their families in the UK, and the association between exposure to socio-economic disadvantage in early childhood and the development of disability in later childhood.

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