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Samuel discovers freedom with his Oxy-gem

Samuel and his oxy-gem
Samuel and his oxy-gem

Samuel’s mum Joceline recently contacted our Innovation Centre. As a member of a parent group on Facebook, she had seen how another child had benefited from our Oxy-gem. She knew that it would be perfect to help Samuel.

Three year-old Samuel has Down’s Syndrome and small airways disease. This means that he is on oxygen 24/7 and whilst he can walk, he could not carry the weight of his oxygen cylinder so his mobility was extremely restricted.

Joceline knew that the Oxy-gem could greatly improve Samuel’s independence and the Innovation Centre team were happy to help!

We sent Samuel one of our Oxy-gems in time for him to take it for a test drive around Blenheim Palace!

Joceline told us: ‘It was the first time he’d been able to participate on foot, rather than in his buggy.  You can see the excitement on his face.  The trolley went for a good 20 mins, on the path, on the grass, through the leaves….it was a life liberating day for him. He also uses it at school twice a week and it’s brilliant.  

Thank you so much for your help with this. I cannot begin to tell you how valuable the Oxygem is to us.  It has freed our son from the shackles of a buggy and helped him develop his independence and core strength and physical stamina.’

If you would like to find out how the Cerebra Innovation can help you, whether that’s with the Oxy-gem or if you have another challenge for the team, please get in touch! Email [email protected].

Independence for Myles with our Oxygem

Our creative team of designers at our Innovation Centre and our Oxygem recently helped Myles to become more independent. Myles’ mum Vickie tells us more – and take a look at  the great video at the end!

We are a family of 4 – me, my husband Neil, Noah who is 6 and Myles who is 2 1/2.  Myles was born a seemingly healthy full term baby boy. But he struggled to thrive and was always catching viruses, we seemed to be at the doctors every week. He developed pneumonia at the age of 5 months and was hospitalised. We were sent home with medication but over the next few weeks he deteriorated and ended up being taken into intensive care where he required ventilation.

It was thought that Myles would be able to be weaned off oxygen as he had suspected broncholitis. After weeks in hospital trying to wean him it was obvious something else was going on with his lungs. For the rest of the year he was in and out of hospital having investigations and surgery. They decided to do a gastrostemy for additional nutrition as growth was a vital part of his care. After a lung biopsy and genetic screen he was diagnosed with Surfactant Protein Deficiency Type C. This is a condition which results in the lack of tension in the alveolar sack minimising the surface area for gas exchange.

Myles has been dependent on oxygen ever since meaning he always has to have an adult with him to carry the oxygen cylinder. Myles has done amazingly well hitting his milestones albeit a little delayed. He has started going to nursery just a few hours a week so I wanted to try and find something that would give him a little more independence.

I spoke to our care teams but there didn’t seem to be anything available through the NHS or privately. I even started to look at portable concentrators as these are much lighter but unfortunately these work on a pulse flow rate. A child’s breath intake is not strong enough to trigger the release of oxygen so these are only suitable for adults.

Through searching the internet I came across Cerebra and your Innovation Centre. The Oxygem looked perfect for Myles as he’s strong enough to push a trolley and it would enable him to have a level of independence. We were so overwhelmed he was accepted to receive one of the prototypes. He took to it straight away and now enjoys walking round the park with it and walking on the school run.

Myles’ condition means that as he grows he will hopefully be able to have stints off the oxygen. But it’s during levels of activity that he really needs more. The Oxygem enables him to move around with the cylinder when he needs it most. He is due to start school September 2019 and I think the Oxygem will really allow him to integrate with his peers. The fact that the handles can be changed for longer ones as he grows is brilliant.

Watch Myles in action

Can our Innovation Centre help your family? Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.

CIC Develop New and Improved Oxygem

pic 2 main

CIC have been developing a new product…shhhhh….don’t tell anyone just yet!

We are in an exciting development phase of the new and improved Oxygem. This is a small oxygen cylinder and ventilator transportation device (Trolley!). You might have seen our Trunki Suitcase conversions, and even our own designed and build unit that was a real success for the few children who have used them, but now the idea is to redesign it having studied the old units in action.

Here you can see the Mark I Oxygem:



We have a few ideas that are being explored, and are trying to incorporate different ways of the child pushing or pulling it, but also for the child to sit on or in the and push along, or be pushed by an adult……not much to ask….but technically it is a very tough project!

Below you can see one nice idea that we have been working on. It is similar in principle to a toddler’s Block Truck. This unit is for small children and incorporates some great design features to help children walk un-aided. By holding the handle and pushing the child will be stable, and the rear wheels project further behind the truck so if they fall backwards the unit will not tip over. The really clever bit is that the wheel bearings only move forwards, and so when falling backwards the wheels act as a brake and will help prevent falling. This was first developed purely as a walking aid, but has been redesigned to accommodate oxygen, ventilators and food pumps.

For older children and those with better stability we are still working on a more complex solution and below you can see some of the sketches ideas so far. What we are trying to achieve is one product with multiple uses. This will give children the most flexibility of use and make it more accessible to more families. To be able to take control of their own oxygen supply and get around unaided will give such a sense of freedom and independence that we are trying to make this a real game changing product.

Oxygem plans

Oxygem plans

Once we are happy with the sketch ideas we will translate this onto the computer aided design program (Solidworks) and begin the lengthy process of prototyping and building test units. Once these are finished we can test them with our first few clients and refine the product.

We look forward to being able to bring you more news in the New Year and will keep you up to date with developments. If you think any of these ideas might be able to benefit your child please get in touch via the website and let us know.

The CIC team would like to take the opportunity to say a huge “Thank You and Merry Christmas” to all of our members, and people who have so kindly donated to enable us to do the most amazing jobs we could ever imagine working on! We look forward to working with you in 2015!!

If you have a challenge for the CIC team you can contact them by telephone: 01792 483688 or by email: [email protected]

Cerebra’s Oxi-Gem

Plans for the oxy-gemCerebra’s Innovation Centre has started 2014 with great plans and lots of new projects in the making.

Thanks to all of your great requests, we have lots of design work to do and have got stuck in already! This is the design for the new oxygen trolley for young children, the CIC Oxi-Gem.

We have designed it to include a fold-out handle, a seat for taking a rest and front wheel steering with lovely free running bearings to make easy work of pulling a 4kg oxygen cylinder. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to register interest in this great product.

This is just one of many products being adapted and designed by the Innovation Centre, funded entirely by donations. If you need anything from us please don’t hesitate to get in touch – head over to the CIC page on our website for more!