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Tor Goodman

Tor Goodman with her daughters Alice and Hannah

Tor with her daughters

Tor has two daughters – Alice and Hannah. Both of them have been diagnosed with dystonia.

Her eldest daughter was born very prematurely and has also been diagnosed with epilepsy, asthma, kidney disease and learning disorders. Her family has been in touch with several charities but Cerebra was the one that offered the most help.

They have made use of our sleep service, talked about products and designs with our Innovation Centre and had great fun at our family days out.

Tor and her family have helped us by raising money with a charity auction and writing an article about dystonia for us. They have also starred in a fundraising video for us.

“Cerebra is always able to point us in the right direction and they have made life so much so much easier for us as a family with two disabled children. Thank you!”Tor Goodman

Jean Wilson

Jean Wilson with her daughter Tara receiving a Volunteer of the Year Award

Jean Wilson, centre, receiving a Volunteer of the Year Award

Jean is mum to William, Tara and Emily. Nine year old Emily has autism and her condition means that she doesn’t sleep very well, but has an endless supply of energy. She also cannot speak but is learning to use sign language to communicate.

As well as being a busy mum Jean founded the New Hope project after discovering the lack of facilities for disabled children in her area. The New Hope project, which opened in July 2010, now caters for fifty families from all over Worcestershire.

The project provides daytime respite care and gets children out and about during school holidays and on weekends. Jean runs the project voluntarily as well as looking after Emily and organising fundraising events. To recognise her tireless work Cerebra awarded Jean ‘Volunteer of the Year’ at the 2012 Children’s Awards.

 “I support the work Cerebra does because I can see first hand the work they do really does change lives for the better, whether that be practical support to families or just someone on the end of the phone that cares and can offer a friendly ear. Parenting children with disabilities can at times be a huge challenge – I know this from my own personal experience with my daughter Emily. Having an organisation like Cerebra to turn to for help and support is invaluable and I’m very proud to be an ambassador for this wonderful charity”Jean Wilson

David and Mary-Jane Hoyle

Mary-Jane and David Hoyle with their daughters

The Hoyle Family

David and Mary-Jane Hoyle support Cerebra because when they were told that their beautiful 18 month old daughter Annie-May had massive brain damage, cause still unknown, they felt lost and alone with nowhere to turn.

They discovered Cerebra and initially borrowed books and toys from the free lending library, but soon discovered the wealth of support that we offer to families like them, including having a scoot-seat designed by the Cerebra Innovation Centre to help Annie-May get around; advice from the sleep service; grants for other equipment and staying at our holiday home, Vallecchia, in Pembrokeshire.

In supporting Cerebra the Hoyles have attended and given talks about the charity, appeared in a promotional video and are now enthusiastic ambassadors looking to further spread the word.

“Cerebra have been with us on our journey and I can’t praise them enough. They’re a well organised charity who give families the support they need”.David Hoyle

Martin and Tina Bown

Martin. Tina, Bella and Josh

The Bown Family

Martin and Tina Bown are parents to Isabella and Josh and are two of Cerebra’s keenest supporters.

Isabella was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was a baby. She was born ten weeks early weighing less than three pounds. Although Martin and Tina were told she would not be allowed home for seven weeks, she made it home in five. Doctors are unsure just how the cerebral palsy will affect Isabella in the future but she is making great progress. She has weekly physiotherapy and attends Paces School for conductive education alongide her local primary school. Watch a video about Isabella’s amazing sponsored walk.

Cerebra have helped the family with advice and support and made it possible for Isabella to go to Paces. To show their support the Bowns have raised more than £4,500 for the charity to date through a variety of fundraising events.

“Cerebra has been a great help to us with advice and support”Martin and Tina Bown


Samira Mohamed Ali

Samira with a Cerebra teddy bear


Samira is an award-winning International Actress and Brands Model who is currently working with many leading global companies. From a very young age, Samira started off as a model and led many high profile campaigns through her entrepreneurial skills. Not only was Samira known as a model, but she was also seen as a strong businesswoman, creating new marketing and innovative strategies for clients within the commercial world.

While she was still modelling, she worked part time for the world’s largest international bank (HSBC), becoming one of the youngest bankers in the UK. At this point, aged just 21, Samira was given her first opportunity to test her presenting skills – interviewing top banking directors and financial executives for HSBC’s Internal Communications Department, a TV channel aired once a week to all HSBC branches across the UK and US.

Samira is currently the Ambassador for FilmInWales and works with the Welsh Government in attracting co-productions and inward investment to Wales from Bollywood and the US. Samira has recently signed as a lead role in a major movie in India and will also star as one of the lead roles for the ‘Dr Who’ movie – the Largest Fan Funded Movie ever in the US at the beginning of 2015. Her performance in Award Winning Molly Crows Movie received great reviews from film critics and the recent premiere gained support from Hollywood Actor Michael Sheen.

“This is a real privilege and honour to have been asked to be an ambassador for such a unique charity. I am very passionate about Cerebra as it does exceptional work with supporting children and their families and I hope it continues to grow year on year so that the service can be offered to more people across the UK”.Samira Mohamed Ali


Cerebra Ambassadors

Cerebra Ambassadors group photo

Our Ambassadors at the Cerebra Children’s Awards 2014.

Cerebra has a team of ambassadors, made up of parents, carers and professionals, who are passionate supporters of our work.

They help to raise awareness of the charity and get involved in publicity and fundraising for us, giving as much as much or as little time as they can spare. We really couldn’t do without them.

You can get to know a bit about our team here:

You can download information about the Ambassador role using the button at the bottom of the page.

 If you would like to find out more or become an Ambassador for Cerebra please get in touch with us at give@cerebra.org.uk or call 01267 244221. We would love to hear from you.
Cerebra Ambassadors Terms of Reference

Gordon Stuart

Gordon Stuart with his brother Robbie at a football match

Gordon and his brother Robbie

Gordon lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He is “mad keen on motorbikes and football” and when he’s not zooming around or scoring goals he works as a Finance Manager for Hewlett-Packard.

Gordon has a younger brother, Robbie.  When Robbie was 9 months old he suffered severe brain damage from a near-miss cot death. Robbie has difficulties with his sight, behaviour and balance and has the cognitive age of a five year old.

Cerebra has helped Robbie with a specially modified tricycle, an adapted laptop and given advice and support to their mum. This has made Gordon a passionate supporter of the charity.

In 2014 he rode his motorbike from the north of England to Nordkapp in Norway – the most northerly point in Europe – raising thousands of pounds for Cerebra.

“Cerebra are a truly wonderful charity and I feel honoured to be a supporter, fundraiser and ambassador for a charity that changes so many lives for the better.”Gordon Stuart

Three Peaks Trekkers Set Off

The three peaks team set off

The three peaks team set off

Cerebra’s Three Peaks Trek team has set off.

The morning of Monday the 18th of August saw Cerebra’s Three Peaks Trek team begin their epic journey to scale Pen Y Fan, Cadair Idris and Snowdon.

The team, Bran Bucca, Ben Jones, Jamie Pitman, Lee Herbert and Helen Woolley, will be walking all the way to their first peak and covering the distance between each one on foot, clocking an enormous 175 miles by the 27th of August.

So far their campaign has raised over £35,000 for children with neurological conditions and they’ll be collecting on the way.

The group have strong motivations for undertaking the challenge. Jamie Pitman said “My sister has cerebral palsy and the work Cerebra does to support children and families is amazing”. All of the walkers are excited about the challenge: “It will be a real test of endurance and bring a great sense of achievement,” said team leader Bran Bucca.

You can support the walkers by visiting their JustGiving page or by getting in touch with Cerebra on 01267 244221. You can also follow their progress on Cerebra’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our website.

We would walk 500 miles….would you?

Can you help us reach 500 miles for children with neurological conditions?

The three peaks team set off

The three peaks team set off

We’re issuing a challenge to all of our supporters.

Every year people do all sorts of things to raise money for us and help us make a positive difference to the lives of children with neurological conditions. We’ve had people taking part in a gruelling mud run, a walk along Offa’s Dyke, cycle rides, 10k’s, talent competitions and multiple marathons.

Now we’d like to offer the opportunity for our ambitious supporters to really test themselves: Can you walk 500 miles for charity?

Don’t panic just yet! We’re not asking you to do it all by yourself.

With all the walks, runs, jumps and all sorts of other things people are doing for us, we’ve decided to set our supporters a goal of 500 miles. This means you can do whatever you like – over whatever distance you like – and it’ll be added to our 500 mile total.

So far we’re including a 10k run in London by both staff and supporters and an incredible Three Peaks Trek that will see some of our fundraisers not only walking the Welsh Three Peaks, but also the distance between each mountain, camping the whole way.

Altogether these two alone add up to 230 miles – which means we only have 270 miles left to reach our 500 goal!

So now it’s down to you. What do you fancy doing that can add to our total? Your own 10k challenge? Or maybe a marathon. Perhaps even a sky dive. You can walk, run, jump, swim, skip, cycle or anything else. Just let us know how far it is your going and how much you raise doing it and we’ll add your numbers.

Get in touch with our community fundraising team and let us know what you’re doing:

Allyson Silverthorne (allysons@cerebra.org.uk) on 01267 244 222

Sarah Jones (sarahj@cerebra.org.uk) 01267 244 222

Or let us know on Facebook.

Get your friends and family involved and we’ll include their mileage too – the more the merrier!

We’ll keep you updated through our news page, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Don’t be shy – like or subscribe and keep us up-to-date on your own progress. We love to hear from you and you could even end up with your own article.

By helping us reach 500 miles you’ll be raising vital funds for children with neurological conditions like cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome and ADHD, making a real difference to lives all over the UK.

In Memory of Barbara Price

Barbara with her grandson Zack

Barbara with her grandson Zack

Over £1000 was raised in the memory of a beloved grandmother.
Barbara Price passed away suddenly on the 5th of June 2014.

Barbara was the beloved grandmother of Zack, who is five years old. Zack was starved of oxygen at birth, resulting in significant brain damage that left him with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, impaired vision and difficulty eating.

Barbara’s daughter Linzi got in touch with Cerebra after friends and family raised £1060 in her mother’s memory, which was then donated to Cerebra. Linzi hoped that the money would go on to help other children like Zack.

“He absolutely adored his nanny Barbara,” Linzi told us. “Mainly because she spent most of her time cuddling him. They had a special relationship and she is dearly missed.”

Everyone at Cerebra sends their thanks and their sympathies to Linzi, her family and friends.

The charity is dedicated to helping children like Zack through direct, on-going support and by funding vital research into neurological conditions.