University of Leeds

Leeds logoThis team is aiming to improve the prediction of mums at risk of early delivery and to prevent it from happening, so that fewer babies need neonatal intensive care and do not suffer the complications of being born too early (especially brain injury, such as cerebral palsy). Over the period of Cerebra’s funding of the Leeds team, this work has led to a fall in premature birth rates (with almost 350 fewer babies each year being born too soon).

The group is studying the ways in which the developing brain may be injured, and how to prevent it happening with medicines which could be used in pregnancy.

The group is also working with other research groups worldwide to predict other complications of pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure) and low birthweight, both of which are causes of brain injury in babies.

To read more about the research activities undertaken by the team, take a look at the lay summary below.

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