Student Research Projects

Our student researchers at the University of Leeds have looked at some of the common themes arising from cases referred to our Legal Entitlements and Problem-Solving (LEaP) Project. You can learn more about the students’ work by reading these research reports:

Social care charges and pet care costs

This student report explains how disabled people can find it difficult to afford to keep a pet at home because of the way councils calculate charges for social care support.

Download report (PDF)

school transport report

Applying for a disabled facilities grant

This student research report assesses how difficult it is for families to get an application form to apply for a disabled facilities grant in England.

Download report (PDF)

school transport report

School Transport

Our student researchers at the School of Law, University of Leeds have published a report about the accuracy and accessibility of school transport information on local authority websites in England.

Download Report (PDF)

Disabled Facilities Grants

The Project Team has published a report which considers the benefits of investing in home adaptations for disabled children, including cost savings and improvements in well-being. You can also read about the research in the Guardian’s social life blog.

Download Report (PDF)

Direct Payment Research

Here, the adequacy of the Direct Payment system (including the rates of payment) is considered in more detail and we report on research carried out with families with disabled children and local authorities.

Download Report (PDF)

Short Breaks

In 2016, the Project Team published a report on the accessibility and accuracy of ‘short breaks’ statements, following a survey of over 40% of English social services authorities.

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Digest of Opinions

In 2013 and 2014, the Project Team published compilations of the advice letters sent to families – the ‘Digests of Opinions’. They are a statement of the law and policy at that time – it should be remembered that the law does change.

Download the Digest of Opinions 2013

Download the Digest of Opinions 2014

Download individual PDFs of the opinions