Sleep Information Resources

Get the answers you need to tackle your child’s sleep problems in our sleep information resources.

Sleep guide

Our guide can help you understand what sleep actually is and why it’s so important. Then we talk about what the common sleep problems are and what you can do to reduce or improve them.

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Sleep tips booklet

Our fab illustrated booklet has tips and techniques for tackling some of the common sleep problems we’re asked about.

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Sleep cards

Our sleep cards give brief information on 10 of the most common sleep problems including bedtime routine, moving bedtime and getting your child to sleep on their own.

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Sleep research summary cover

Behavioural interventions for sleep problems in people with an intellectual disability: Do they work?

This is a summary of a research study that looked at lots of other studies into behavioural interventions for sleep problems to see if they were effective.

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Get detailed information about sleep in specific genetic syndromes from the FIND website run by the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders at the University of Birmingham.