Sleep Service

Sleeping boy - Sleep ServiceOur Sleep Service consists of a team of sleep practitioners covering parts of the UK who can offer help and advice on sleep issues, some of which  include settling problems, difficulty sleeping alone and early rising.

If it is possible, a sleep practitioner will come out and visit you, or you will be invited to attend a local sleep clinic. If this is not possible, support will be given over the phone or sometimes via e-mail or by post, if this is your preferred method of contact.

In order for us to determine the cause/reason for the sleep problems your child is experiencing, please fill in the Sleep Referral Form below. We will then send out a sleep pack for you to fill in which includes a sleep questionnaire and diary.

If you just have a question/query about our Sleep Service, then you can contact our sleep assistant on 01267 244210 or e-mail us at and the team will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can.

The Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders provide a resource to find information on sleep in different disorders, to be redirected through to the FIND website please click here.

Download our Sleep guide:

Sleep: A Guide for Parents

Sleep Referral Form

Please give us details about the child you care for or support
(Cerebra can only accept a referral for children who are diagnosed with a brain related condition, or are going through the assessment process)