Borrow ebooks and audiobooks with BorrowBox

woman reading an ebook and drinking coffee

You can now borrow ebooks from the new Cerebra BorrowBox Library. We have a selection of titles that you can borrow for free for 28 days. There are also several children’s audiobooks, if your child prefers to listen to stories rather than to read books.

The ebooks can be borrowed to read on Apple or Android devices, Kindle Fire tablets using the BorrowBox app or from your computer on their website.

How to borrow ebooks and audiobooks

If you are already a Cerebra library member and would like to use our BorrowBox library, please email Jan the Librarian at [email protected] to get your unique log in number. If you are not already a library member, fill in the membership form to join now and if you tell us you’d like to borrow ebooks or audiobooks Jan will give you your log in number in your membership email.

BorrowBox website

Visit our BorrowBox library by clicking the image below. You can browse the books we have available and even read samples. Then you just need to sign in to borrow a book or audiobook.

Borrow ebooks and audiobooks from our BorrowBox library

BorrowBox apps

Download the BorrowBox app to read ebooks or listen to audiobooks on your phone or tablet. Search for ‘BorrowBox’ in the Apple AppStore, Google Play or Amazon AppStore to download the app. Or click one of the links below.


Once you have installed the app on your device you need to put ‘Cerebra’ in the ‘Library’ field and then login with your membership number and PIN.