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ask for legal helpLEaP is an innovative problem-solving project that helps families of children with brain conditions cope with the legal barriers they face.

We listen to families and help them get the knowledge they need to access health, social care and other support services. We identify the common legal problems that prevent families getting access to services and we develop innovative ways of solving those problems. We aim to reach as many families as we can by sharing our solutions as widely as possible.

Public bodies in the UK have certain duties to provide health, social care and other services for disabled children. Sometimes, however, families can experience difficulties in accessing these support services. Our LEaP Project has evolved from a number of initiatives set up by Cerebra to inform parents of their legal rights, including seminars, parent guides and template letters. Cerebra recognised that some parents might need additional support to approach the relevant authorities and decided to fund the LEaP Project, which is led by Luke Clements, Professor of Law and Social Justice at the School of Law, University of Leeds. The Project Team aims to provide free legal advice to families who need help getting the right support for their children.

The Project is open to parents and carers of children aged 16 or under who have a brain condition and who need help to resolve a legal problem regarding access to health, social care or other support services. Requests for help must satisfy our eligibility criteria – you can find out more in our Project Guidelines below.

If you would like to ask for help from the Project, please read our Project Guidelines and fill in the online request form:

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