Finding and appraising information and evidence on the Internet

Families with children with a brain condition are often keen to look for more information about their child’s condition, therapies and treatments, or other services that might be available, and the legal rights that they and their child have.

The Internet provides a huge amount of information, much of which is freely available and easy to access if you know how to search. Although there are many reputable websites that provide good quality, reliable information, there are also websites which are less reliable and should be treated with considerable caution.

This guide outlines some suggestions to help you search efficiently on the Internet, and to appraise whether the websites you find present reliable and unbiased information.

First published 2011. This edition 2017. Review date 2020.

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Further information written by the team at Peninsula Cerebra Research Unit for Childhood Disability Research (PenCRU) can be found here.