Kim Philpotts

Kim Philpotts

Kim Philpotts

“I am married to my husband Scott and I’m mum to two little boys – Fraser, aged 3, and Archie, aged 7. Both boys were born prematurely. Archie suffered lots of complications at birth and has a bleed on the brain known as PVL. As a result he has learning disabilities, is on the autistic spectrum, has hypermobility, and conductive hearing loss.

I also work as a nurse practitioner in general practice with special interest in childhood neurodevelopmental difficulties and mental health.

I like to be busy, and as I wanted to help families that were in a similar situation to our family, I set up a special needs group known as ‘What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful’.

Kim's son Archie

Kim’s son Archie

I started by running coffee mornings at local community centres, ran trips and  workshops and the service grew. Now I have successfully raised enough money to open a centre for families with children whom have special and additional needs. This was my dream to do and in less than two years I made it happen. The centre offers lots of direct support to the families such as workshops, cooking sessions, gardening, events, trips and support for siblings.

We heavily rely on Cerebra publications for information and Cerebra’s Regional Support Officers regularly visit the centre to offer advice and support and help parents access Cerebra’s services.


I am proud to be an Ambassador for Cerebra and be in a position to promote Cerebra’s services. Having a child with disabilities has a huge impact on the whole family and without the kind of support that Cerebra offer, it’s a lonely journey”.