Gordon Stuart

Gordon Stuart with his brother Robbie at a football match

Gordon and his brother Robbie

Gordon lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He is “mad keen on motorbikes and football” and when he’s not zooming around or scoring goals he works as a Finance Manager for Hewlett-Packard.

Gordon has a younger brother, Robbie.  When Robbie was 9 months old he suffered severe brain damage from a near-miss cot death. Robbie has difficulties with his sight, behaviour and balance and has the cognitive age of a five year old.

Cerebra has helped Robbie with a specially modified tricycle, an adapted laptop and given advice and support to their mum. This has made Gordon a passionate supporter of the charity.

In 2014 he rode his motorbike from the north of England to Nordkapp in Norway – the most northerly point in Europe – raising thousands of pounds for Cerebra.

“Cerebra are a truly wonderful charity and I feel honoured to be a supporter, fundraiser and ambassador for a charity that changes so many lives for the better.”Gordon Stuart