About Cerebra

Families where a child has a brain condition face challenges every day. Just to learn, play, make friends, enjoy and experience the world can feel difficult, even impossible. But we don’t believe there is any challenge that can’t be over come.

Our Vision is that every family that includes a child with a brain condition will have the chance to discover a better life together.

Our Mission is to listen to families that include children with brain conditions. We use what they tell us to inspire the best research and innovation. Then we help them put the knowledge into practice so they can discover a better life together.

Our key Values are:

  • Positive: Our optimism helps families see past every barrier
  • Inquisitive: A spirit of relentless discovery drives everything we do
  • Together: Our researchers, practitioners and families go further when they travel together

It’s an incredibly rewarding journey for everyone involved. Why not be a part of it? You never know what we’ll discover together.

Our Core Services:

  • The Cerebra Sleep Service
  • The Cerebra Legal Entitlements & Problem Solving Service
  • The Cerebra Health and Well-being Service
  • The Cerebra Money Matters Service
  • The Cerebra Innovation Centre

Our Annual Report (2017) and our general leaflet have lots more information on our core services and you can download them both below:

Annual Report 2017       Cerebra Leaflet

Alternatively please contact us on 0800 328 1159 or [email protected]

Who we help:

We use ‘brain condition’ to describe any disorder or disability that affects the brain, including those caused by illness, genetics or traumatic injury. Brain conditions include (but are not limited to) autism, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and developmental delay.

We help children aged 16 or under.

The Information Standard

information-standard-member-logo-positive_graphic-onlyCerebra’s aim is to provide high quality health and social care information for the parents and carers of children aged 0-16 years with neurological conditions. Cerebra has been a certified member of the Information Standard since August 2013. The Information Standard is an independent scheme, supported by NHS England, to ensure only the highest quality health and social care information is produced. This means that our relevant products have been through the schemes rigorous quality control procedure. For more details on what it means to have achieved the Information Standard certification, visit: http://www.england.nhs.uk/tis/

Cerebra’s objectives are to:

  • Use only current, relevant, balanced and trustworthy sources of information and ensure they are clearly referenced
  • Inform parents and carers about different conditions and the issues surrounding these so that they have a better understanding
  • Empower parents and carers to make their own decisions and resolve problems and issues

Cerebra is responsible for the accuracy of the information produced. The Information Standard shall not be responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions in the information published on Cerebra’s website. Weblogs, forums and personal experience pages/videos are excluded from the scope of certification.

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Cerebra’s policy is to safeguard the well-being of children and vulnerable people, and to prevent their physical, sexual or emotional abuse. You can download our safeguarding children and young people policy here:

Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy