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Charlie Enjoys his new Trike

Charlie on his trike

Charlie on his trike

Cerebra’s grant scheme provides specialist equipment for children with brain related conditions so that they can enjoy life to the full – the same as any child.

Four year-old Charlie recently received a trike through a Cerebra grant and his mum Sarah told us how having the trike has transformed the family’s lives.

“Charlie was diagnosed with IP 36 deletion syndrome when he was two years old after a particularly astute paediatrician noticed some signs of the condition in Charlie.

His development was delayed and he missed many of his milestones so we knew that he needed to be checked.

Charlie is non-verbal and has severe developmental delay but he is still the happiest child. Even though he can’t communicate verbally, he still has great social skills and loves being out and about.

We are quite an active family and used to enjoy going out for bike rides and wanted Charlie to be able to enjoy the same freedom. Just because he has special needs – it doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be able to enjoy the same activities as any other child!

We looked at getting Charlie a specialist trike from Quest 88 but the model that was suitable for Charlie’s needs was £2,300! That’s when we approached Cerebra for a grant to help towards the cost of the trike.

Since receiving the trike, Charlie has gone from strength to strength! It took him a little while to get used to the pedalling motion but now there’s no stopping him. He even giggles when we overtake people which is a joy to see!

Although he can’t communicate verbally, Charlie has learned a Makaton sign for bike and uses the Makaton sign for ‘more’ whenever we stop cycling to indicate we need to keep going! He will also pick the PECS symbol for bike when choosing which activity he would like to do. Then the normal sentence it a lot! It’s great to have something “normal” that we can all do together.

As well as the emotional benefits, Charlie’s Physiotherapist told us that the bike would develop his coordination and help to strengthen the muscles in his legs and core as he gets more independent with the pedalling motion. I can certainly see how the bike gives him lots of opportunities to develop physically.

Even though we steer Charlie when he is on the trike, the controls to do this are at the back so as far as Charlie knows, he is in control. This has greatly improved his confidence and has given him a little taste of independence – something that is invaluable.

We can’t thank Cerebra enough for the difference that having the trike has made for Charlie – and for the whole family.”

Tom’s Trike

Tom and his trike

Tom and his trike

Young Tom Hegenbarth from Bromsgrove in Worcestershire has just received his brand new Tomcat trike thanks to Stourport-on-Severn Inner Wheel and Cerebra.

Tom has Alfi’s syndrome, a rare condition causing poor balance and co-ordination, low muscle tone, epilepsy and learning difficulties. He also has scoliosis and has rods to support his spine. Cycling is one safe activity that Tom can do but he has never had his own bike until now.

The trike was funded by a generous donation by Stourport-on-Severn Inner Wheel and a grant from Cerebra.  The Inner Wheel have been fundraising for Cerebra over the past 12 months – they arranged a concert with local singer David Lawrence and young duo Lady and the Sax as well as an afternoon tea. Over the year they raised £1000 which they donated to Cerebra with the request that the money be used to help a family in the West Midlands area.

The family are very grateful for the donation and the grant which made Tom’s cycling dreams come true. Tom’s mum Judith said: “It is so wonderful to see him able to exercise more independently and to cycle alongside his brother – your gift is a gift for the whole family. Thanks again for your hard work and generosity”.

Tom added: “Thank you so much for helping me get my bike. It’s really cool and I like to go on it lots. It’s yellow which is my favourite colour”.

You can watch a short video clip of Tom enjoying his new trike here.

If you a part of a group that would like to fundraise for us please get in touch with us on 01267 244221 or give@cerebra.org.uk. Your support really does make a difference to families.

Jaiden gets around on his new trike

Jaiden enjoying his brand new trike

Jaiden enjoying his brand new trike

Thirteen year-old Jaiden O’Rourke has been enjoying getting around on his new trike which was part funded by a Cerebra grant.

Jaiden has autism and epilepsy and normally walks quite slowly, leaning on mum Janine a lot. Having the new trike means that Jaiden can now cycle further than he could before and the freedom and independence that the trike gives him has been invaluable.

Mum Janine told us: “The trike has been absolutely brilliant for Jaiden. He loves riding it and can already manage to cycle about four times further than he would be able to walk, which is really nice for him. He’s had lots of admiring comments about it and has learnt to do a couple of tricks on it as well, so it’s incredibly versatile and he’s really enjoying it. It’s lovely for me to be able to walk at a decent pace as well.

Usually Jaiden walks fairly slowly and leans on my arm so I tend to have to walk quite slowly. When he whizzes off on the bike it means that I can enjoy a decent walk, and I even had a go at running a couple of times, something I haven’t been able to do for about ten years now. So it’s been a really big benefit to both of us in that respect.

The team at KMX Karts in Fareham were amazing. They helped us decide which size and type of trike to go for in the first place and organised a test drive for Jaiden so we could be sure he could manage it. When the time came to collect the trike they took us through the various features and showed Jaiden how everything worked and they’ve put some pictures of him on their Facebook page which he thought was brilliant! It’s really been a lovely experience and he’s been so happy being out on it which, of course, has made me very happy!”

You can find out more about Cerebra grants, including how you can apply for one on our grants pages.

Sophie Gets Out and About With Her New Trike

The Hibbs family enjoying a bike ride together with Sophie and her trike

The Hibbs family enjoying a bike ride together with Sophie and her trike

One of the many ways in which Cerebra can help families is through our grants scheme where we part fund equipment that could enrich a child’s life.

The Hibbs family recently received a grant for a trike for their daughter, 9 year-old Sophie who has Cerebral Palsy.

It can be difficult for many families to get out and enjoy activities together if their child has a disability and the Hibbs’ wanted Sophie to experience the simple pleasure of going for a family bike ride.

Due to her physical disabilities, this would have been impossible for Sophie to do using standard equipment but mum Victoria contacted Cerebra and was awarded a grant towards the cost of a specially adapted trike.

The family haven’t looked back since! Sophie’s trike means that the family can enjoy the simple pleasure of cycling together through the countryside and has bought everyone closer together.

“Having this bike means, for the very FIRST time, we can go out for a FAMILY bike ride, all together.  This was previously impossible, since our other daughter mastered bike riding.

There is nothing more precious than seeing your child scream out with laughter and having fun.

We can now go out with friends and enjoy a bike ride together, without one of us staying behind with Sophie.

Whilst we’re out bike riding, people now talk to Sophie as they have something to discuss.  It is breaking down barriers and showing how important it is for our disabled community to integrate.

We have had so many comments on what a great bike it is and how much Sophie is loving it.  We are changing people’s attitudes to what disabled children can experience. This bike almost makes us feel ‘normal’!” Victoria Hibbs

If you would like to find out what sort of things a Cerebra grant can part fund, or apply for a grant, please call our parent support helpline on 0800 328 1159 or check our grants pages.

Ben Loves His New Trike!

Ben on his trikeThe Cerebra Innovation Centre (CIC) Team were recently contacted by mum Helen to see if they could build a trike for her son Ben.

Ben has had trikes in the past but quickly outgrew them so he was in need of an upgrade! He also needed something with a bit more balance than other products readily available on the market. With these specifications in mind, the CIC team got to work on Ben’s very own black and white Cerebra trike.

After some tweaking, the finished product features a wide axle on the back and this helps Ben to balance while playing. The axle also unscrews so that mum Helen can easily transport it in the car.

“Thanks so much once again, we are really grateful for the time and effort you put in to making this for Ben – it is a fab scooter and we had lots of compliments on it at the park!“ Helen told us.

Ben is now looking forward to some warmer weather so that he can get out and about!

If you would like to enquire about Cerebra’s trikes or would like to set the team at the Innovation Centre a new challenge, you can contact them by email at cic@cerebra.org.uk or by phone on 01792 483688.

Darcy’s on the move!

Darcy riding her trike

Darcy riding her trike

A little girl will be having lots of fun this summer on her new trike, funded by Cerebra.

Darcy has a coloboma (a gap in the structure of the eye) that has left her partially blind. She also lives with painful spasms, epilepsy and developmental delay.

Her conditions make day to day life difficult but it doesn’t slow Darcy down and she enviously watched her sisters playing on their bikes.

Darcy’s mum couldn’t afford the specialist trike that Darcy needed, so applied to Cerebra for a grant to help with the cost. Her mum told us:

“The trike has given Darcy the chance to keep up with her sisters and she loves it. She’s like the queen waving at everyone as she passes! She has taken it to play group so she can join in when they do outside play then rides home on it. Thank you so much – it means the world to us that she can enjoy an activity safely without seizures and balance being an issue”.

The support given to Darcy and her family by Cerebra is all thanks to the money raised by the public. If you’d like to help us to keep making a positive difference, head over to our fundraising page.