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Another Lucky Lottery Member Wins Big!

Lottery Manager Sharon Bowen presents Mrs George with her cheque

Lottery Manager Sharon Bowen presents Mrs George with her cheque

Mrs George of Llangunnor in Carmarthen has become the latest winner of our “Count Me In” Lottery, winning the £1,500 prize.

Mrs George visited us at our Carmarthen head office to pick up her prize and told us that she has a very personal reason for supporting us through our lottery.

Mrs George said: “My nephew Jonathon was born with Down’s Syndrome. He is now 35 and we feel very fortunate that he has been able to lead a full and happy life. He even has a better social life than I do and has gone on to have a job – all things that we never thought could be possible! We have been fortunate as a family and I wanted to give something back to help other families facing the same challenges as we did. When I heard about Cerebra and the excellent work they do, it was my pleasure to support them through their lottery. I was never expecting to win anything but it has come as a lovely surprise just before Christmas!”

Cerebra’s “Count Me In” Lottery is a great way to support the work that Cerebra does and by donating just £1.20 every week, it offers supporters the chance of winning £1,500, just like Mrs George! For more information on how to join please call our lottery helpline on 01267 244218 or visit our lottery page.

Another Lucky Lottery Player Wins Big!

Mrs Nash and her winner's cheque

Mrs Nash and her winner’s cheque

We would like to congratulate another very lucky lottery winner.

Lilian Nash from Tonypandy won the weekly prize of £1,500 and sent us this lovely picture of herself holding her winner’s cheque.

“I would like to say a big thank you for my luck in winning your lottery and for all the work you did to help my grandson when he was younger,” Lilian said.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Lilian, who donated £100 of her win back to us.

Our ‘Count Me In’ Lottery is one of our best fundraising initiatives and helps us to fund much of the support we provide to children and their families.

If you would like to find out more about our ‘Count Me In’ Lottery and find out how you can join and be in with a chance of winning the weekly £1,500 prize, check our lottery pages.


£1500 winner

Paul Slade and his dog DjangoAnother Cerebra supported has been counted in!

Another Cerebra supporter has won £1500 in our Count Me In Lottery!

Paul Slade, pictured with his dog Django, one the weekly prize by taking part in our lottery. Every week a new winner is crowned after donating just £1.20 a week.

The money raised through our lottery is vital to supporting children and young people with neurological conditions all over the UK.

Our lottery is the quickest and simplest way to show your support. Just click here to learn more and find out how to join.

Congratulations Paul!

Supporter wins £1500

Myra with her chequeAnother Cerebra supporter has won £1500 in our Count Me In lottery!

Myra, from Berkshire, is one of our latest supporters to be crowned a winner in our Count Me In lottery.

The Cerebra Count Me In lottery is an easy way to donate to the charity, allowing our supporters to give regular, simple donations to help children with neurological conditions across the UK – whether it’s funding vital research or paying towards direct intervention.

Every week a winner is chosen at random from our lottery members, receiving a prize of £1500.

Myra generously gave back a portion of her winnings, telling us: “It’s only right you should share in my good fortune.”

Everyone at Cerebra congratulates Myra, and all our other winners, and says a big thank you for the continued support.

If you’d like to be counted in follow this link to read more about our lottery and how to join. Make a positive difference today!

Another happy winner!

Mr Wollaston and his chequeAnother happy supporter has won £1500 in Cerebra’s Count Me In lottery.

Mr Wollaston from Essex recently won the £1500 weekly prize in our Count Me In lottery. He told us “I haven’t decided yet what it’ll be spent on, but a holiday is high on the list!”

The lottery is easy to join and costs just £1.20 a week. Every week someone wins £1500. The money raised goes towards paying for direct, on-going support for families of children with neurological conditions and funding important research into causes, treatments and interventions.

If you’d like to learn more about our lottery click here or call 01267 244218. Count Yourself In and make a positive difference today!