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The Cerebra Innovation Centre Needs Your Help!

Hatch LogoWe recently wrote about Hatch – a website that allows designers of equipment for children with additional needs the opportunity of bringing some of their products to the wider market, making them more readily available for the children that need them.

The team at the Cerebra Innovation Centre (CIC) have recently joined the site and need your help to bring some of their best creations to life!

Hatch creates a platform for professional product designers to post ideas for items to help solve problems that children with additional needs may be encountering. Products that are submitted then appear on the site for 90 days and during that time, members of the Hatch community can add their comments, suggestions and vote if they want to see the product professionally manufactured. That’s where you come in!

We need as many votes for the Oxy-Gem, BOUNCE!, Cerebra iPad Case and Weighted cap/ hat as possible to see them more widely manufactured.

At the moment, all of these products are created in-house by our CIC team and are produced individually when a parent requests them. If they were to be manufactured by Leckey – the company behind Hatch, they would be available to a larger audience meaning that more children would be able to benefit from such products.

The great news for Cerebra would be that a percentage of the royalties from each product sold would come directly to us, ensuring that our Innovation Centre can continue to design new and exciting things to help children with additional needs.

You can find out more about The Cerebra Innovation Centre on our website or by contacting cic@cerebra.org.uk. For more information about Hatch, please visit their website.

GoTo Seat

GoTo is a postural support seat developed by Firefly and CIC that lets children participate in those moments that make family life special. Families worldwide use their GoTo Seats in supermarket trolleys, on planes, swings and Granny’s dining chair. They make daily tasks easier, and mean kids don’t need to miss out. It gives a little piece of independence that lets them see the world from a new perspective and feel they’re at the heart of the action.

“Absolutely fantastic product! The GoTo seat is so easy to use and has allowed us to bring Jake shopping with us anytime we want! It really has changed the way Jake can interact with people around him! His posture is excellent in the GoTo seat.” – Kate Mellor

Find out more and buy the fantastic GoTo seat here:

Oxy – Gem

Oxy-Gem enables children to independently transport their own oxygen cylinders, ventilator or food pump. We’ve designed a seat for those well-earned breaks and a little added room for fun items like toys and books! Oxy-Gem was developed with a child’s independence in mind. Now they are free to explore without constant adult help while being the envy of all the other children in school.

“Oh wow, thank you….. This is going to promote her independence so much and make a huge difference to all our lives.” – Caroline

Rocking Chair

Proving a hit with our members this concept offers support in a fun, beautiful and portable rocking chair to keep children moving, aiding core muscle development and soothing. We designed and developed precise snap-fit joints into the birch plywood construction using our CNC router. Giving the chairs the additional benefit of being able to pack away flat for transport or storage, they can be reassembled in only a few minutes without using any tools, nuts or bolts.


Doodle has been developed for any child who may need a writing slope to aid their writing, drawing, posture and hand control. We have used magnets and a gas strut for quick removal and changing of the ingenious paper and book holding rulers, whilst including a set of pens stored in an inventive swivelling holder to aid children with reduced motor skills. We believe these innovative features make it the best and most beautiful writing slope available anywhere.

“Thank you sooooo much, it is amazing! Lucy’s class mates were envious of such a fantastic accessory” – Lucy’s mum



RAVE 2The inflatable Relaxation, Audio Visual Entertainment tent is one of our most ambitious concepts to date. RAVE is an ultraportable sleeping, relaxing or sensory stimulating space for children or adults alike. Inspired by the kitesurfing world RAVE packs away into a suitcase and can be inflated and deflated using a hand pump in a matter of minutes. We’ve included loads of attachment points inside so you can tailor the experience with all your favourite sensory toys and equipment.RAVE 1


Developed by Firefly using one of our most popular concepts, Scoot provides an experience of independence for many kids with mobility problems. It frees them to explore their home, play with friends, chase big brothers and race little sisters without any help. Firefly’s expert clinicians, designers and engineers worked hard to create a device that will help kids discover new skills as well as new pals. The potential for physical and cognitive development was a key factor in every element of the design.

The firefly Scooot is available here:

iPad Mini Case

A prototype case for the iPad mini. This case allows for the same connections to a table stand or wheelchair as the regular iPad case developed by CIC. This offers protection from dropping, throwing and chewing whilst still being able to access all the functions of the iPad Mini. The two-part case was modelled in a 3D CAD package before highly accurate parts were machined from solid blocks of polypropylene on our very own CNC mill.

Scoot Horse

We developed the Scoot Horse for children to keep exploring once they’ve outgrown the Firefly Scooot. As children grow taller they need something with a little more leg room while zooming around the house! This Scoot Horse is simple to use and elegantly designed to have a playful, simple appearance. It features four castors for ease of movement and turning, whilst avoiding the use of complex features such as steering or pedals.

“The lads spent most of half term on them and always ask to play on them when they get back from school they’re brilliant, and definitely their favourite toy! Thank you”

Rocking Horse

To create this stunning rocking horse we collaborated with the brilliant design team at Sanders Design in Cardiff. We chose this striking and clever design, incorporating plenty of adjustment for children aged between 4 and 8 years old. It’s available with a flat seat or an option that provides enhanced postural support for the rider over a conventional rocking horse. Children love the calming rocking motion which helps build their core strength whilst they enjoy a fun and engaging indoor activity.

“Charlie loves it and now his brother can have his one back. It is brilliantly made and attractive to have in the house! Thank you!”