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New look library lists

Take a look at our great new Library Lists. We’ve made some changes to make them more user friendly. We hope these changes will help you find the things you are interested in. The Library Book List and the Children’s Book List are ready now on our library page.

We have added more subject areas so you don’t have to look through long lists of book titles. Popular topics like sensory processing disorder and growing up now have their own sections. The Children’s Books List now have the books listed by subject area instead of by age group. So you can now find all the books for children on ‘behaviour’ or ‘feelings’ or ‘for siblings’ together.

If you are already a library member, why not take a look and let us know what you think. If you haven’t joined the library yet, why not take a look to see what we’ve got.

We are in the process of updating our Sensory Toy List which will have new write ups and information about the toys with pictures taken of the sensory toys here at Cerebra HQ. It will be available soon but in the meantime we have a temporary Sensory Toy List which includes all the great new and replacement toys purchased with the money we received from Children in Need.

Books on ABI in the Library

As part of Action for Brain Injury Week, we take a look at the books in our library on ABI.

  • L1260 Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation: children and adolescents by Mark Ylvisaker
  • L6274 Head Injury the Facts by Headway
  • L6358 Unthinkable: a mother’s tragedy terror and triumph through a child’s traumatic brain injury by Dixie Fremont-Smith Coskie
  • L6396 Stroke in Childhood: clinical guidelines for diagnosis management and rehabilitation by the Paediatric Stoke Working Group
  • L6432 Living with an Acquired Brain Injury: a practical life skills workshop by Nicholas Hedley
  • L6433 Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury: evaluating the evidence by Rebecca Koehler
  • L6442 Traumatic Head Injury in Children by Sarah H Broman
  • L6542 Educating Children with Acquired Brain Injury by Sue Walker
  • L6543 Hold My Hand: a mother’s journey by Glenys Carl
  • L6622 Battling Brain Injury: the life that Jack built by Jack Martindale
  • L6648 Missing Pieces: mending the head injury family by Marilyn Colter

Children’s books

  • C0121 Sam and the Green Velvet Monkey by Judith Middleton
  • C0138 A Hit on the Head and Where it Led by Jennifer Cooper Trent


  • AV6395  Brain Injury a Look Inside by Richard C Senelick

All of these materials are available to borrow free of charge from our Postal Lending Library. If you would like to request an item or join the library, please contact our Librarian Jan at janetp@cerebra.org.uk or 0800 3281159.

Books in the library on autism

Library booksWe have a great number of books on autism in the library.  Here are just a few of the most popular ones:

  • L6178 – A Will of His Own: reflections on parenting a child with autism by Kelly Harland
  • L6133 – Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum by Chantal Sicile-Kira
  • L6179 – Animal Assisted Interventions for Individuals with Autism by Merope Pavlides
  • L6428 – Autism Spectrum Disorders Through the Life Span by Digby Tantam
  • L6015 – Autism Spectrum Disorders: the complete guide by Chantal Sicile-Kira
  • L6359 – Autism the Facts by Simon Baron-Cohen
  • L6221 – Autism: a very short introduction by Uta Frith
  • L6027 – Autism: facts and strategies for parents by Janice E Janzen
  • L6496 – Carly’s Voice: breaking through autism by Arthur Fleischmann
  • L6337 – Children with Autism: a parents’ guide by Micheal D Powders
  • L6583 – Colour Coding for Learners with Autism: a resource book for creating meaning through colour at home and school by Adele Devine
  • C0193 – Explaining Autism by Robert Snedden
  • L6581 – Gardening for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Special Needs by Natasha Etherington
  • L6514 – George and Sam by Charlotte Moore
  • L6256 – Growing up Severely Autistic: they call me Gabriel by Kate Rankin
  • L6595 – Navigating the Medical Maze with a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Sue Ming
  • L6255 & L6332 – Playing Laughing and Learning with Children on the Autism Spectrum by Julia Moore
  • L6532 – Raising to New Heights of Communication and Learning for Children with Autism by Carol Spears
  • L6498 – Silently Seizing: common unrecognised and frequently missed seizures and their potentially damaging impact on individuals with autism spectrum disorders by Caren Haines
  • L6392 – Sleep Difficulties and the Autism Spectrum Disorder by Kenneth Aitken
  • L6405 & L6614 – Speak Move Play and Learn with Children on the Autism Spectrum by Lois Jean Brady
  • C0091 – Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew by Ellen Notbohm
  • L6526 – The Anger Box: sensory turmoil and pain in autism by Phoebe Caldwell
  • L6491 – The Autistic Brain: thinking across the spectrum by Temple Grandin
  • L6495 – The Reason I Jump: one boy’s challenge from the silence of autism by Naoki Higashida
  • L6077 – The Siege: a family’s journey into the world of an autistic child by Clara Claibourne
  • L6186 – Through the Eyes of Aliens: a book about autistic people by Jasmine Lee ONeill
  • L6267 & L6308 – Understanding Autism for Dummies by Stephen Shore
  • L6207 – Voices From the Spectrum: parents, grandparents, siblings, people with autism by Cindy Ariel
  • L6174 – Why Does Chris Do That? by Tony Attwood
  • L6591 – Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs by Louise Goldberg


  • AV6399 – A is for Autism by Tim Webb
  • AV6136 & AV6539 – Autism and Me by Rory Hoy
  • AV6397 – Living Along the Autism Spectrum

If you would like to borrow any of these books, it is free, just contact Jan on janetp@cerebra.org.uk

We also have many books on High Functioning Autism and Aspergers, that are not necessarily covered in this list.

Items in our library on communication


We bring you a list of books, DVDs and CDs and communication aids available to borrow from our postal lending library.


  • L1210 – Trouble Talking: a guide for parents of children with speech and language difficulties by James Law
  • L6215 – More Than Words: helping parents promote communication and social skills in children with autism by Fern Sussman
  • L6238 – Communication Issues in Autism and Asperger Syndrome by Olga Bogdashina
  • L6242 – The Classroom and Communication Skills Programme by Megan Ahlers
  • L6381 – Enabling Communication in Autism by Carol Potter
  • L6411 – Helping Children to Improve Their Communication Skills: therapeutic activities for teachers by Deborah


  • L6460 – Children with Social Emotional and Behaviour Difficulties and Communication Problems by Melanie Cross
  • L6461 – A Pictures Worth: PECS and other visual communication strategies in autism by Andy Bondy
  • L6468 – Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome by Libby Kumin
  • L6515 – Teach Me With Pictures: 40 picture scripts to develop play and communication skills in children on the autism spectrum by Simone Griffin
  • L6532 – Rising to New Heights of Communication and Learning for Children with Autism by Carol Spears
  • L6533 – Augmentative and Alternative Communication: models and applications for… caregivers and users by Filip Loncke
  • L6540 – Developing Communication for Autism Using Rapid Prompting Method by Soma Mukhopadhyay
  • L6546 – Social and Communication Development in Autism Spectrum Disorder: early identification and intervention by Tony Charman
  • L6586 – Talk to Me: conversation strategies for parents of children on the autism spectrum by Heather Jones

Audio visual

  • AV6388 – Talkabout: social communication skills (DVD)
  • AV6409 – ISPEEK at Home: over 1300 visual communication images (CD-ROM)
  • AV6538 – Discovery Pathways to Better Speech for Children with Down Syndrome (DVD)

PECS cards

  • C0208 – PECS Cards Keyrings: ‘Instructions and Behaviour’ and ‘Feelings and Emotions’

Portable Communication Aids in the sensory library

  • SmartTalk – 8 picture communication aid, recordable
  • Partner 4 Plus – 4 picture communication aid, recordable
  • iTalk2 – 2 button communication aid, recordable
  • Quick Talker – 12 small picture communication aid

Books on sleep in our library

Dog with head resting on a book

Books on sleep

We have several books on sleep in our postal lending library. Below is a list.

For kids:

C0166 – What To Do When You Dread Your Bed

Advice for children with disabilities:

L1320 – Sleep Better: a guide to improving sleep for children with special needs
L6325 – Sleep Disturbances in Children and Adolescents with Disorders of Development
L6392 – Sleep Difficulties and the Autism Spectrum
L6367 – A Clinical Guide to Paediatric Sleep
General sleep advice for children:

L6315 and L6531 – Solving Children’s Sleep Problems: a step by step guide for patents
L6107 – The New Baby and Toddler Sleep Programme
L6324 – Teach Your Child to Sleep: solving sleep problems from newborn through childhood

Books in the Library for Older Kids

Library booksCerebra has a large selection of books in our postal lending library for children and their siblings to read to help them understand their disability. We list some of the more popular books.

Last month we are featuring books for younger children and this month we are featuring books for older children.

You can borrow the children’s books on behalf of your child, as with the sensory toys. Sorry, but children can’t be library members themselves.

The full list of children’s books in our library can be found on our library pages.

Disability info for older children:

C0091  Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew
C0149  A Book About What Autism Can Be Like
C0141  Do You Understand Me? My life my thoughts my autism spectrum disorder
C0193  Explaining Autism
C0093  Can I Tell You About Asperger Syndrome
C0178  Inside Aspergers Looking Out
C0147  All Cats Have Aspergers
C0181  What is it Like to Be Me? A book about a boy with Aspergers
C0206  The Asperkids Secret Book of Social Rules
C0084  How to be Yourself in a World That’s Different: an Aspergers study guide to adolescence
L6291  Freaks Geeks and Asperger Syndrome
C0191  Sensory Smarts (sensory processing disorder)
L6050  Touch and Go Joe: an adolescent’s experience of OCD
C0061  Jumping Johnny Get Back to Work (ADHD)
C0117  The Girls Guide to ADHD
C0216  Can I Tell You About ADHD
C0137  All About Brain Tumours
C0174  Can I Tell You About Epilepsy
C0194  Explaining Epilepsy
C0190  Tic Talk (tourettes)
C0214  Can I Tell You About Tourette Syndrome
C0195  Explaining Down Syndrome
C0196  Explaining Cerebral Palsy
C0215  Can I Tell You About Dyspraxia
C0180  Living With Disability (all aspects of life with a disability)
Growing up:

C0153  Personal Hygiene: what’s that got to do with me? (boys and girls)
L6323  Taking Care of Myself: a hygiene and puberty personal curriculum for young people with autism (boys and girls)
L6483  The Boys Guide to Growing Up: choices and changes during puberty
C0218  Girl Talk: a survival guide to growing up
Fiction for older kids:

C0158  Trueman Bradley Aspie Detective
C0182  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
C0082  Blue Bottle Mystery (an aspie novel)
C0085  Of Mice and Aliens (an aspie novel)
C0192  Rules (having a brother with autism)
Books for siblings:

C0068  Being the Other One
C0107  The Sibling Slam Book
C0135  I’m a Teenager Get me Out of Here
C0217  Everybody is Different: a book for young people who have brothers or sisters with autism
C0179  My Family is Different: a workbook for children with a brother or sister who has autism or Asperger Syndrome

Books on Asperger syndrome

Library booksWe have a wealth of books and resources available in our free lending library on Asperger syndrome.

Books for parents

L6311 – The Complete Guide to Asperger Syndrome by Tony Attwood
L1350 and L6524 – Asperger Syndrome: a guide for parents and professionals by Tony Attwood
L6279 – Parenting a Child with Asperger Syndrome: 200 tips and strategies by Brenda Boyd
L6309 – Eating an Artichoke: a mother’s perspective on Asperger Syndrome by Echo Fling
L6426 – Asperkids: an insider’s guide to loving understanding and teaching children with Asperger Syndrome by Jennifer Cook O’Toole
L6511 and L6525 – Raising Martians From Crash Landing to Leaving Home: how to help a child with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism by Joshua Muggleton
L6512 and L6528 – 1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with autism or Aspergers by Ellen Notbohm
L6224 – Create a Reward Plan for Your Child with Asperger Syndrome by John Smith
L6403 – The Asperger Children’s Toolkit by Francis Musgrave


AV6310 – Asperger Syndrome: a different mind by Simon Baron-Cohen
AV6398 – An Animated Introduction to Asperger Syndrome by Biomation

Picture books:

C0147  All Cats Have Aspergers by Kathy Hoopman
C0178  Inside Aspergers Looking Out by Kathy Hoopman

Books for schooling

L1677 – Home Schooling the Child With Asperger Syndrome: real help for parents anywhere on any budget by Lise Pyles
L6144 – Asperger Syndrome: what teachers need to know by Matt Winter
L6480 – Spark: a mother’s story of nurturing genius by Kristine Barnett
L6462 – Asperger Syndrome in the Inclusive Classroom: advice and strategies for teachers by Stacey Betts
L6513 – How to Make School Make Sense: a parents’ guide to helping the child with Asperger Syndrome by Clare Lawrence

Books for kids:

C0168 – Kevin Thinks About Outer Space Confusing Expressions and the Perfectly Logical World of Asperger Syndrome by Gail Watts
C0176 – The Red Beast: controlling anger in children with Asperger Syndrome by K I Al-Ghani
C0181 – What Is It Like to be Me? A book about a boy with Asperger Syndrome by Alenka Klemenc
C0211 – The Disappointment Dragon: learning to cope with disappointment by K I Al-Ghani
C0212 – The Panicosaurus: anxiety in children including those with Asperger Syndrome by K I Al-Ghani

Books for teens:

C0084 and C0148 – How to be Yourself in a World That’s Different: an Asperger Syndrome study guide for adolescents by Yuko Yoshia
C0093 – Can I Tell You About Asperger Syndrome by Jude Welton
C0206 – The Asperkids Secret Book of Social Rules: the handbook of not so obvious social guidelines for tweens and teens with Asperger Syndrome by Jennifer Cook O’Toole
L1614 – Asperger Syndrome, Adolescent and Identity: looking beyond the label by Harvey Molloy
L1675 – What Did You Say? What Did You Mean? An illustrated guide to understanding metaphors by Jude Welton
L6006 – Living Your Best Life With Asperger Syndrome by Karra Barber
L6291 – Freaks Geeks and Asperger Syndrome: a user guide to adolescence by Luke Jackson
L6349 – Acting Antics: a theatrical approach to teaching social understanding to kids and teens with Asperger Syndrome by Cindy Schneider

Just girls:

L6275 – Aspergirls: empowering females with Asperger Syndrome by Rudy Simone

Into adulthood

L6086 – Natural Genius: the gifts of Asperger Syndrome by Susan Rubinyi
L6258 – Developing Talents: careers for individuals with Asperger Syndrome and high-functioning autism by Temple Grandin
L6348 – Aspergers Syndrome and Sexuality: from adolescence to adulthood by Isabelle Henault
L6380 – Autism All-Stars: how we use our Autism or Asperger traits to shine in life by Josie Santomauro

Books for brothers and sisters:

C0179 – My Family is Different: a workbook for children with a brother or sister who has autism or Asperger Syndrome by Carolyn Brock

Kids Aspie novels:

C0082 – Blue Bottle Mystery by Kathy Hoopman
C0085 – Of Mice and Aliens by Kathy Hoopman
C0089 – Probably Still Nick Swansen by Virginia Euwer Wolff
C0132 – Haze by Kathy Hoopman
C0158 – Trueman Bradley Aspie Detective by Alexsi Maxim Russell
To borrow any of these items free of charge just email our librarian at JanetP@cerebra.org.uk or call 0800 328 1159.

Books on Special Educational Needs

Library booksWe’re often asked for books or resources on special education. Here’s a list of titles we have on the SEN system, inclusion and special provision as well as those written for teachers and home schooling.

Special Educational Needs system

L6327 and L6383 – Choosing a School for a Child with Special Needs by Ruth Birnbaum
L6518 – The Journey Through Assessment: help for parents with special needs child by Antonia Chitty
L6341 – Surviving the Special Educational Needs System: how to be a velvet bulldozer by Sandy Row
L6322 – Guerilla Mum: surviving the special needs education jungle by Ellen Power
L6167 – Special Educational Needs a Parents’ Guide by Antonia Chitty
L6213 – Special Educational Needs Inclusion and Diversity by Norah Frederickson
L6370 – Key Issues in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion by Alan Hodkinson
L6342 – How To Reach and Teach All Students in the Inclusive Classroom by Sandra Rief
L6455 – Including Me: managing complex health needs in schools and early years settings by Jeanne Carlin
L6513 – How To Make School Make Sense: a parents’ guide to helping the child with Asperger Syndrome by Clare Lawrence
L1687 – Walk in Their Shoes: a day in the life of an spld student by Edwina Cole
L6033 – Meeting the Learning Needs of All Children: personalised learning in the primary school by Joan Dean

Special provision

L6501 – Personalised Learning for Young People with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties by Andrew Colley

Particularly for teachers

L6427 – A Practical Guide for Teachers of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Secondary School Education by Debra Costley
L6412 – Transforming the Role of the SENCO: achieving the national award for sen co-ordination by Fiona Hallett

Home schooling

L6143 – Teaching at Home: a new approach to tutoring children with autism and Aspergers Syndrome by Olga Holland
L6430 – Autism and Flexischooling: a shared classroom and home schooling approach by Clare Lawrence