Wilkins Family Enjoy a Break at Cerebra’s Holiday Home

The Wilkins family recently enjoyed a lovely holiday together at Vallecchia, Cerebra’s holiday home in Pembrokeshire.

The family took full advantage of all the facilities that the adapted bungalow has to offer. According to mum Lesley, the sensory room and soft play area were particularly popular!

Lesley said: “Thanks to the Vallecchia house, Chloe and the whole family were able to have a holiday with much needed quality time together. The sensory room, soft play area and playroom were Chloe’s favourites! We had a lot of fun making great memories and relaxing. Thank you Cerebra! We really needed this break!”

You can find out more about Vallecchia including how you can apply for a free week here.

Chloe completing a Peppa Pig jigsaw

Chloe completing a Peppa Pig jigsaw