Jaiden gets around on his new trike

Jaiden enjoying his brand new trike

Jaiden enjoying his brand new trike

Thirteen year-old Jaiden O’Rourke has been enjoying getting around on his new trike which was part funded by a Cerebra grant.

Jaiden has autism and epilepsy and normally walks quite slowly, leaning on mum Janine a lot. Having the new trike means that Jaiden can now cycle further than he could before and the freedom and independence that the trike gives him has been invaluable.

Mum Janine told us: “The trike has been absolutely brilliant for Jaiden. He loves riding it and can already manage to cycle about four times further than he would be able to walk, which is really nice for him. He’s had lots of admiring comments about it and has learnt to do a couple of tricks on it as well, so it’s incredibly versatile and he’s really enjoying it. It’s lovely for me to be able to walk at a decent pace as well.

Usually Jaiden walks fairly slowly and leans on my arm so I tend to have to walk quite slowly. When he whizzes off on the bike it means that I can enjoy a decent walk, and I even had a go at running a couple of times, something I haven’t been able to do for about ten years now. So it’s been a really big benefit to both of us in that respect.

The team at KMX Karts in Fareham were amazing. They helped us decide which size and type of trike to go for in the first place and organised a test drive for Jaiden so we could be sure he could manage it. When the time came to collect the trike they took us through the various features and showed Jaiden how everything worked and they’ve put some pictures of him on their Facebook page which he thought was brilliant! It’s really been a lovely experience and he’s been so happy being out on it which, of course, has made me very happy!”

You can find out more about Cerebra grants, including how you can apply for one on our grants pages.