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Novum Law also have offices in Bath, Bristol, Salisbury, Southampton, Isle of Wight, Reading, Hereford, Plymouth and Swindon.

Novum Law is a national law firm specialising in serious injury and medical negligence claims.

We have considerable expertise in assisting children who have suffered serious injuries, whether as a result of a medical accident at birth or some other accident, and recognise that child injury claims need to be handled in a very different way to adult cases.

We understand that early intervention is the key to maximising a child’s recovery and function in adulthood.

Our specialist lawyers will maximise the compensation paid to the child with the help of key professionals who can assist with appropriate rehabilitation, education, therapies, mobility aids, accommodation, support and case management.

Daniel GreenDaniel Green

Daniel specialises in serious injury and complex medical negligence cases. He regularly works with leading experts and is experienced in assembling teams of professionals during the progression of claims.

He develops excellent working relationships with his clients and their families and understands the importance of clients with severe injuries receiving comprehensive treatment to improve their long term outcome.

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