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When a child suffers a brain injury, there is a huge impact on the family. We ensure that families are placed in the best position to achieve as fulfilling and normal a life as possible, addressing not only the injured child’s needs, but those of siblings and parents too.

We support parents emotionally and practically. We make sure the right team are in place so you are advised about all aspects of your child’s healthcare and financial security.

Our dedicated and experienced team act exclusively for brain injured children so you can have peace of mind and focus on your family. We will visit you at home or in hospital anywhere in the country.

Caroline KlageCaroline Klage

Caroline is head of the child brain injury team.

Her aim is to give the child the best possible quality of life, supporting the whole family and working closely with the professionals to achieve this. She is an IPSEA accredited Special Education Needs advisor.

A leading legal directory says of Caroline “her level of attention to detail and dedication to the case was bordering on astonishing.”

Tel:                  020 7288 4824


Jo ChapmanJo Chapman

Jo represents children in claims involving birth-related brain injuries, cerebral palsy and stroke and is an IPSEA accredited Special Education Needs advisor.

Jo prides herself on putting together the right team of specialists to support an injured child and their families. Finding unique and creative solutions to improve a client’s way of life is critical to her approach. She takes joy in the seemingly small steps which represent huge personal triumphs for her clients.

Tel:                  020 7288 4825



Cheryl AbrahamsCheryl Abrahams

Cheryl is a partner in the child brain injury team and acts exclusively for children who suffer brain injuries through accidents.

A leading legal directory says of Cheryl “she’s got everything you’d want in a lawyer”.  She is highlighted for her “guts”, “judgement” and “for really caring about her clients”.

Tel:                  020 7288 4854