Young Carer Makes Heartwarming Video Tribute to Brother

Sixteen year-old Eve Hamilton is a courageous young woman who has used her experience as a young carer to her brother Cole to inspire her class mates.

Cole, who is now eleven, was born with a unique gene deletion disorder which means that he has learning difficulties, hypertonia and severe autism. He is unable to talk or understand simple instructions. He finds it difficult to maintain friendships but his sister remains his companion and constant friend through thick and thin.

Eve says of her brother: “I am forever grateful for the life I live and I would not change my brother for the world.”

As well as doing her best to enrich Cole’s life, Eve is a keen advocator for people who are “different”, taking every opportunity she can to educate her peers about Cole’s condition.

The Hamilton family

The Hamilton family

Eve’s mum Kate told us: “Eve, who is in her last year at school, has been delivering a speech to each year group in assembly about her brother and what it’s like to have a member of your family with a disability. She talks about being a young carer and not to judge people by their appearance or how they act and to be more understanding.

It’s a big deal for a teenager to open up her private life to an entire school but she wanted to do it, if it meant she could help other carers to gain strength from knowing they are not alone and to raise awareness of children with disabilities.

The feedback has been astounding and the headmaster is so impressed he wants her to talk to other older groups outside of school.

Lots of children now speak to her at school about their problems and are now following her on social media. Even some of the tough lads in her class were reduced to tears! We simply couldn’t be prouder!”

Eve is incredibly humble, not wanting any recognition for the effort she is putting in to educate and inform her classmates. She simply wants to let people know that it is ok to be different and if she can stop even one person from being bullied, Eve is happy.

To help put across her message and to let everyone know how proud she is of Cole every day, Eve put together a heart-warming video tribute to her brother which can be viewed below.

Cerebra was able to help Cole with a grant for speech and language therapy.