Sophie Gets Out and About With Her New Trike

The Hibbs family enjoying a bike ride together with Sophie and her trike

The Hibbs family enjoying a bike ride together with Sophie and her trike

One of the many ways in which Cerebra can help families is through our grants scheme where we part fund equipment that could enrich a child’s life.

The Hibbs family recently received a grant for a trike for their daughter, 9 year-old Sophie who has Cerebral Palsy.

It can be difficult for many families to get out and enjoy activities together if their child has a disability and the Hibbs’ wanted Sophie to experience the simple pleasure of going for a family bike ride.

Due to her physical disabilities, this would have been impossible for Sophie to do using standard equipment but mum Victoria contacted Cerebra and was awarded a grant towards the cost of a specially adapted trike.

The family haven’t looked back since! Sophie’s trike means that the family can enjoy the simple pleasure of cycling together through the countryside and has bought everyone closer together.

“Having this bike means, for the very FIRST time, we can go out for a FAMILY bike ride, all together.  This was previously impossible, since our other daughter mastered bike riding.

There is nothing more precious than seeing your child scream out with laughter and having fun.

We can now go out with friends and enjoy a bike ride together, without one of us staying behind with Sophie.

Whilst we’re out bike riding, people now talk to Sophie as they have something to discuss.  It is breaking down barriers and showing how important it is for our disabled community to integrate.

We have had so many comments on what a great bike it is and how much Sophie is loving it.  We are changing people’s attitudes to what disabled children can experience. This bike almost makes us feel ‘normal’!” Victoria Hibbs

If you would like to find out what sort of things a Cerebra grant can part fund, or apply for a grant, please call our parent support helpline on 0800 328 1159 or check our grants pages.