Sleep Practitioner Helps Family With Sleep Issues

Sleeping boyOur Sleep Practitioner Pattie Everitt tells us how she was able to help a family with their sleep issues.

“Twelve year-old Stephen who has ASD lives with his parents in Birmingham.  His main sleep issue was waking up very early (around 4am) and not being able to go back to sleep.  His parents encouraged him to go to bed and try to sleep and he was very good at staying in his bed but he did not feel tired.  As a result he was very tired by tea time but kept awake by his parents until around 8:30pm/ 9pm, with the hope he would sleep in until a reasonable time.

I spoke to Stephen’s mum Alice on the telephone for thirty minutes to support them in putting some strategies together.  They were advised to try a much earlier bedtime for a temporary basis, by following Stephen’s natural sleep pattern (the time he feels tired and sleepy), and then to then make gradual changes.

They tried a bedtime of 5:30pm to start with and moved this by fifteen minutes each day until they got to 8:30. They found that by moving the bedtime gradually, this resulted in gradually waking up later in the morning, finally reaching 7am.

This was a big achievement for the family, as this programme had being going on for many years.”

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