Resources – August 2015

ResourcesOur monthly roundup of useful articles and resources for families who have children with additional needs.

Autism and vacationing – ten tips for predictability
Tips from the mother of two children with autism, about planning for easier travel and holidays. (Autism Awareness Centre).

Science podcasts
Short podcasts from the journal “Nature”, summarising developments and issues of interest in science, including brain sciences.

Check if you can get Legal Aid
An online tool for people engaged in matters that might need to lead to attendance at a court or a tribunal. A checker is also accessible from the Civil Legal Advice (CLA) Gateway, There is a Civil Legal Aid Eligibility Calculator for use by advisors to see whether their clients can access it, (Ministry of Justice).

Helping you access free childcare for your 2, 3 and 4 year old [in England]
A guide that particularly applies to children with disabilities,  (Irwin Mitchell solicitors with a group of charities).

Simple Stuff Works
Company offering training, advice and aids for positioning and postural care, for children whose condition potentially affects their body shape.

Communication Courses
One-day courses on Intensive Interaction, a communication approach for those who live or work with people who have learning difficulties that make engagement, understanding and expression exceptionally difficult, (Intensive Interaction Institute).

Human Rights Toolkit
A practical resource for using human rights to make a difference in your community. Designed to help elderly people but also applicable to others, (Age UK).

Teaching and play in the early years: a balancing act
A report and a set of four videos produced by Ofsted to emphasise that learning and play are not separate from one another.

Activities for Children with Additional Needs
Collected information on specialist providers of activities for children with additional needs, (National Deaf Children’s Society).

Disability coaching
An interesting set of resources collected for sports coaches who may be working with disabled people. There is also a section of resources on coaching children, (Sports Coach UK resource bank).

Summer Budget: what does it mean for families of disabled children?
A breakdown of the effects on family finances, mostly but not only from April 2017 onwards, (Contact a Family).

SEND Pathfinder Programme
A report on the Pathfinder SEND programme in England, where families in selected local areas tried out the new service programme for children with additional needs. The report includes many of the insights they had about the process, (Dept for Education).