Finley defies the odds

Finley Lamb

Finley Lamb

When five year old Finley Lamb was born, doctors feared he would never be able to walk or talk properly.

Finley was born with a rare condition of the brain called periventricular nodular heterotopia (PVNH) which means that some of his grey matter is in the wrong place.

Doctors warned Dad Dan and Mum Sara that as well as being unable to walk and talk, Finley would also have a 90 per cent chance of developing epilepsy.

Things initially looked difficult for Finley but he has gone from strength to strength since starting a program that was specially designed for him and is now attending a mainstream school in Liverpool.

Sara said: “We’re not quite there yet but I feel like we’re over the hump.

“He absolutely loves school and I think he thinks he owns it! Every time he sees the headmaster he tells him a joke. He does two full days and then the other three days he goes in for the last two hours.

“He’s doing absolutely great. He got 19 out of 20 on his last phonics test and he’s keeping up really well on all his work.

“He had such a quiet little voice and now he’s got a normal voice – he can shout, so I don’t know how pleased I should be about that!”

Money was raised by generous members of the public to send Finley to a specialist centre in Philadelphia which helped his progress. He was given a series of special exercises which were intended to stimulate his brain, taking him painstakingly through the stages of development from crawling right up to walking. Finley now walks to school with mum every day, a round trip of two miles!

Sara is extremely pleased with his progress and notes that Finley is now fearless in all aspects if his life. She said: “I call him Daring Dexter now and he’ll tell me he’s not scared of things.

“At Christmas he went on a merry-go-round – he said “Mummy, I’m not scared of rides any more. We went to Chester Zoo and he was shouting “yahoo!” as he went down the slide.

“The school yard was too busy for him when he started but in the last fortnight he’s been playing in the yard with the other kids.”

“He said he wanted to play football, which he never did before. It’s a whole new world for him.”

Cerebra wishes Finley and his family all the best for the future. If your child has a similar condition, Cerebra may be able to help. You can find out the ways we are able to give support here.