Enna Thea’s Story

Enna Thea playing all ability football

Enna Thea playing all ability football

“My name is Enna Thea Kul – Want. My friends are Ilias and Lamisha. I live on planet earth, in London. My favourite toy is Mr Banana, I sleep with him. My mum and Dad are called Catherine and Christopher.

I have Cerebral Palsy, this means that I find it difficult to walk. Sometimes when I do involuntary movements I feel like half my body is in a whole different solar system. Most people call people like me and me “disabled” but I DO NOT. I believe that it should be called “abled” SO I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND!

I go to Columbia Primary School. I live in East London. My teachers in 2016 to 2017 are Ms Moloney and Ms Reynolds. I’m in year 5, Amethyst class.

I’m a car spotter. Here are some car names Lamborghini, Mercedes, Cadillac, Maserati and Bugatti. My favourite football team is Arsenal FC. I play all ability football with Arsenal (not the players) at William Tyndale school. My favourite player of all-time is Thierry Henry and of nowadays they are Alexis Alejandro Sanchez Sanchez, Daniel Welbeck and Mohamed Naser Elsayed Elneny”.

We are looking for young people to write about their experience of growing up with and living with a disability (parents can help if needed). The article can be about anything they like as we want this to be a chance for young people to write about what is important to them as an individual. The stories will be then collected together to form an information pack, as well as being published as individual blogs in our newsletter and on our website. If your child would like to write something for us please contact Emma Thomas on emmat@cerebra.org.uk.