Wish Alissa well for her 10K challenge!

On 12th July Alissa Elsaesser will be running the British London 10K in aid of Cerebra.

Alissa was born with Down’s Syndrome but that has never held her back and she is always eager to help those in need. This is one of the reasons that she has decided to take on this challenge; to help children with neurological conditions across the country.

She is currently enjoying local celebrity status having been interviewed for Radio Carmarthenshire and the Carmarthen Journal all in one week! She remains humble and the kind words of support that she has received from people across the country are encouraging her to get out there and do the best she can on race day.

Please feel free to leave a comment of encouragement at the bottom of this page and together let’s help Alissa beat her 10K challenge! If you would like to donate, you can do so by calling 01267 244221 to make a donation over the phone, or through her Just Giving page.

31 responses on “Wish Alissa well for her 10K challenge!

  1. Sarah Jones Post author

    It was lovely to see you in the office this week. You’re an absolute star! Good luck, you’ll do great!

  2. craig elsom

    good luck Alissa in the London 10k run, we are so proud of you your an inspiration please beat Annaleigh. good luck again everyone in cerebra are behind you and are so proud in what your doing xx

  3. Rachel

    Good luck Alissa, this is an amazing challenge and a wonderful thing for charity. Can’t wait to see your pictures of you at the finish line.

  4. jess thomas

    All the best Alissa, wishing you a happy fun run and hope you make it over the line before annaleigh ๐Ÿ™‚ all of the office is very proud of you for doing this lovley.. good luccccckkkk!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  5. David Irish

    Heh Alissa go go go… Look after the ‘old man’ though. He is known to wonder off. Many thanks for doing this for all the children. You are a star.

  6. Barbara Marsh

    Good Luck Alissa. You are an inspiration to us all. We need more people with your determination. Enjoy the day.

  7. Louise Davies

    Good Luck Alissa, I am so proud of you , what your doing is such a fantastic thing, I will look forward to hearing all about it. xxxxx

  8. Sandi Llewellyn

    Good luck Alissa, wishing you all the best for the run on Sunday. We’ll be cheering you on from home xx

  9. Emma

    Good luck Alissa. What a fantastic thing you are doing, we are all very proud of you. Have fun and enjoy the day xxx

  10. Claire

    Wishing you all the luck for your 10K run, you will be buzzing when you get over that finishing line! What an inspiration you are!

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