Seren’s our Christmas Star!

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Seren and her lamb

Christmas is a special time for families. Please give a special gift this Christmas to so that we can continue to help children like Seren.

Christmas is a special time for families and this year we’d like to ask you to give a gift of just £5 so that we can continue to support children like Seren.

Seren is a typical girly girl and likes pink things, singing, school and bossing her older brother about! Seren also suffers from uncontrolled epilepsy. At its worst, she was suffering between three and eight large seizures and up to a hundred small seizures every day.

Earlier this year, Seren endured two major brain surgeries at Great Ormond Street Hospital to remove part of her brain.

Despite the hardship she faced, she continued to smile and joke through months of intensive physio and occupational therapy and just five days after returning home she was out on the family farm helping to feed the lambs.

Cerebra has been there for Seren and her family giving practical and emotional help every step of the way. Our strength is our ability to give wide ranging support to meet each family’s individual needs making a positive difference to children’s lives.

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You can meet Seren and her family in this video

There are around 500,000 children like Seren living with a neurological condition in the UK. This year we have helped 27,000 families. Please help us to be there for every child who needs our support.

Please give a special gift this Christmas and donate just £5 today. Every donation will help us to make a difference to the lives of so many brave children just like Seren.