Congratulations to our London marathon runners

Andy Day after the race

Andy Day after the race

This year Cerebra had four runners taking part in the London Marathon and they all did a great job and definitely did us proud!

We caught up with the members of team Cerebra after the big event to find out how they did and if they are recovering well.

The first member of the team was Andy Day. Andy had a very personal reason for running the race for Cerebra. We have previously supported a member of his family who has band heterotopia and so he wanted to do his best to give a little back.

Andy set a great pace early on, settling at around a mile every 9 minutes. He did get a wakeup call when he was passed by a telephone box at mile 24 and that helped to spur him on!

Steph Gadd's cousin Harry with his Cerebra funded trike

Steph Gadd’s cousin Harry with his Cerebra funded trike

Andy described the run as an “incredible experience” and managed to finish the race in an impressive 04:34:16.

The next of our runners, Steph Gadd also has a very personal reason for supporting Cerebra through the marathon.

Steph told us: “As soon as I received my ballot place in the London Marathon, I knew I wanted to raise money for a cause which would help my gorgeous cousin Harry who has cerebral palsy. After learning that Harry had already received funding from Cerebra to get a specially designed bike I wanted to support the charity to say a massive thank you. Harry recently received his bike and seeing his delighted face when sitting on it makes the months of training worthwhile, I can’t wait to see him in the crowd at the marathon!”

Michael Harris with his fundraising helpers!

Michael Harris with his fundraising helpers!

Similarly, Michael Harris wanted to raise money for Cerebra as we have previously given support to family friends who have a little boy who was born with a very rare brain malformation. Cerebra were able to give them advice and information about what to expect and Michael wanted to support us in return.

The final member of the team was Radio Carmarthenshire DJ James Southon who managed to complete the marathon in an impressive 04:31:46. James ran the Llanelli half marathon last year and had sworn that he would never do another run again but he bravely stepped in and did us proud!

James Southon

James Southon before race day

Our fantastic team has so far managed to raise a combined total of £6878.74 which is incredible and we are very grateful to everyone who has donated so far.

To find out more about how you can get involved and help to raise money for Cerebra, visit our Fundraising pages.