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Annual Conference 2012 

On Tuesday 2 October 2012 we held our 'Promoting the well being of children with complex needs' conference for academics, practitioners, educators and carers.

We'd like to thank everyone who attended and our excellent speakers for making the day a success.

This one day conference provided information on the key issues that are critical to improving the well being of children with neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disability.

The focus of this conference was the key issues that are identified as influencing the well being of children with neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disability and their families. Challenging behaviour, social impairment, poor health and sleep have been identified as specific areas that influence the autonomy, affect, and social engagement of children with complex needs and the resilience of their families. The purpose of the conference was to disseminate the findings of recent research in these key areas and describe the practical implications so that researchers, practitioners, educators and carers can promote well being.

Videos of the presentations can be accessed by clicking the links on the bottom left of this page. The speakers were:


Information posters that were available on the day

During the day Peninsula Cerebra Research Unit provided their academic posters for viewing. You can find their current and past projects on their website, http://www.pencru.org/projectsmeetings/projects   to access their posters click on the 'view project' link on the page.


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