Dr Vaso Totsika

vaso totsikaBiography: Vaso Totsika is a Senior Research Fellow in CEDAR at the University of Warwick. Her research focuses on intellectual and developmental disabilities. Vaso is interested in understanding well-being in children and adults with an intellectual or developmental disability, and their carers. Her recent work has examined over-time relationships between maternal mental health, parenting and relationships with child behaviour problems; health and well-being of family carers of adults and children with an intellectual disability. She is a member of the MIND-IT group, an ongoing collaboration between the Universities of Warwick and Monash on mental health research in intellectual disability.

Summary of presentation: Prevalence of mental health problems in children with learning disability and/or autism. Dr Totsika will examine the evidence on prevalence of mental health problems in children with a learning disability and/or autism, considering the way mental health problems are defined and thepopulation where data are drawn from.

Download Dr Vaso Totsika's presentation slides here