Cerebra Innovation Centre produce new writing slope

Writing slope

Writing slope

This is the new prototype writing slope from the Cerebra Innovation Centre (CIC). It has many innovative features that we believe make it the best writing slope available… anywhere! It has been developed for any children who may need a writing slope to aid their writing, drawing, posture and hand control and also converts effortlessly into a reading stand.

Using magnets and a gas strut we have enabled lots of adjustability without using knobs and mechanisms so it looks beautiful, and the easy-open and soft-close lid removes any finger trapping risks. The reading and writing ledges help to hold papers, exercise books and reading books in place. They are interchangeable by “popping” off and “snapping” on with the magnets recessed into the faces, and they store inside the slope when not used.

One of the really exciting features is the pen holder. It flips up and down depending if you are writing/drawing or reading, and fits Berol pens directly into the block. This clever system enables children with reduced motor skills to remove and replace the pens with more independence and also by removing the pen lids, means the lids cannot be chewed or lost and eradicates the choking risk. This system also makes for easy checking to see if all pens are present at the end of class. The pens can be changed for dry wipe pens to work on the Formica white board finish.

There is also hand hold cut out of the back for easy mobility.

If you would like to find out more about the Cerebra Innovation Centre or how you can get your hands on one of the writing slopes, contact the team at cic@cerebra.org.uk or 01792 483688.