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News from the CIC

Find out about some of the new products the team at Cerebra Innovation Centre have been working on.


We have just completed 6 more Big Bouncers for jump happy kids. These bouncers work in the exact same way baby bouncers would, but are a bit bigger so bigger kids can use them to jump around.

They are made from 18mm Birch Plywood which makes them very strong, they come flat packed, but with just the fixing of a few bolts (instructions included) they are ready in minutes.

Please get in touch if you think this will help your little jumpers.

Rocket shelves

These cool shelves were designed for a young boy and to help his mum who has to transport numerous medical machines whilst transferring him from room to room. They have been styled to suit a child’s bedroom and be more like a child’s toy rather than looking dull and medical! They feature 3 shelves, space to store an oxygen bottle, a 4 socket extension lead so all the machines are plugged in and you only need one wall socket, and 4 omnidirectional wheels so it can be moved around effortlessly. Additionally there is ample space to wind wires and store bits and bobs!

Rugged Buggy

This is the CIC pimped-Maclaren Major! A family asked for something to help with access on the beach but which could also fold up and fit in the car with other holiday stuff and luggage.

Using a Maclaren Major Elite as a basis we added stainless steel axles and pneumatic tyres with plastic bearings and 3D printed spacers. We hope this will enable this family to access the beaches of South Wales for their summer holiday and many more to come!

Find out more about the CIC on their pages and get in touch on if you think they can help you.

“CleverstiX” – a clever way to bring fun to the dinner table!



Dr Ross Head, from The Cerebra Innovation Centre (CIC) recently came across a novel little product at the OT show in the NEC that we wanted to share with you. It might help to bring a little fun to the dinner table!

“CleverstiX are like a pair of chopsticks, but they are joined together at the top, with innovative finger loops to enable them to be used by children. Not only are they a fun way to eat, the scientific benefit is immense. Due to the fact they require the user to open and close (there is no spring involved) the fine motor control used is a great way to train muscles, as well as hand-eye coordination.

They come in really fun colours and the finger loops are adjustable so they will suit many different sizes of user. They are a Korean invention and there are over 5 million Korean children using them. CleverstiX have been praised by the National Handwriting Association and endorsed by the Science Museum as a great way to increase dexterity and fine motor control.

I took them home to test with my children. It just so happened that it was my night to cook and for some reason we decided on Burritos. Not very Korean, I know, but my kids loved the CleverstiX and ate the whole lot! They now make a regular appearance on the table, and are a great way to keep the children entertained whilst eating. They were such a simple concept but the children were able to pick up any and all of the pieces of exploded burrito! They have wide and quite “grippy” tips to hold the food, and worked just as well with noodles and fruit etc.

Have a look at the website for more information: They are available in lots of places and online with more details on the website”.

-Dr Ross Head, CIC